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SELFIBA for Property Owners
High flexibility - gain liquidity, protection and time!

image During times of economic uncertainty, it is wise to have a mix of investments. While the value of stocks fluctuates, real estate values tend to be more stable. Often viewed as longer term investments, real estate can be difficult to turn into a liquid asset quickly.

Banks may be reluctant to lend further funds and time pressures can force the need for a sale. This need to sell in order to release capital quickly means that an optimum price is rarely obtained. Time constraints and financial commitments are restricting your ability to gain from your real estate investment. SELFIBA is the answer if you find yourself in the position of needing liquidity quickly. By adhering to this financial model, the property will still need to be sold, but SELFIBA allows you the option of buying it back within a year. In addition, you will receive a higher price than would be expected from auction or forced sale. What you win is a solution to your liquidity needs and you gain time.

The principal goal of SELFIBA is to help property owners who are looking for liquidity. You may have a project that needs finance or you may be facing foreclosure or auction of a property in order to meet debts or financial obligations. By making use of the SELFIBA model, property owners are given breathing space in order to solve their financial situation. Each case is considered on an individual basis, analysing existing debt and circumstances. SELFIBA takes over the property at an agreed price, offering the owner better terms than the bank. There is a time period agreed for possible re-purchase by the owner. The result provides the owner with time, and better, more flexible liquidity. If SELFIBA takes over the property due to threatened foreclosure SELFIBA represents your interests as owner during the option period. In certain cases, depending on the mortgage value of the property SELFIBA is able to provide you with further liquidity. SELFIBA is a unique financing concept, providing solutions designed to be flexible, enabling financial solutions for different circumstances and individuals. to the model

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